Ashby Hockey Club - County Selection

Player progression from the club to County and Regional representative hockey is through the England Hockey Single System.

England Hockey Single System

Hockey’s Single System is the development pathway for players, coaches and officials of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential.  It is based on a set of principles that puts the participant at the centre and is based on scientific research that has been widely accepted by the majority of other major sports within England.

Why does hockey need a Single System?

Hockey in England has evolved over many years and has many historical boundaries, systems and competitions that make the hockey landscape a complicated one.  Currently, the pathway varies enormously, not only between boys and girls, but also from region to region and county to county.  

The purpose of the Single System is to make opportunities for participants fair, equitable. and consistent. It is to ensure that a suitable level of coaching and competition is offered for people at the appropriate stage of their development and to maximise the chance they have of fulfilling their potential whether that potential is as a club or international player, coach or official.

Club School Links

We currently have about 30,000 young people playing in our hockey clubs!  Clubs linking with schools and School Sports Partnerships are key to ensuring that the first stepping stone is easy for young people who want to get more regular hockey outside of their school environment.

Junior Development Centres (JDC) and Junior Academy Centres (JAC)

These centres will provide coaching for young players aged 12 - 17 at sub county level (JDC) and 13 - 17 at county level (JAC). These centres will provide more coaching closer to home. 

Details of our local JDC and JAC can be found on:

To secure a place at any of the 6 Junior Development Centres, please download a registration form from the website and send it to:

Jane Jelley,   2, Hungarton Drive, Syston, Leicester.LE7 2AU. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further information about the JDCs and JACs can be obtained from Jane Hurst, Badgers Captain, using the Contact tab on the website, or her phone numbers in the fixture list.


Junior Regional Performance Centres (JRPCs)

Details of our local JRPC can be found at:

Players receive regular coaching from both RHA and England Hockey Centrally Contracted Coaches (CCCs) leading to a High Performance Assessment Camp for U15 and U17s and inter JRPC competition at U16 and U18 age groups.

Within the Midlands, there are two Junior Regional Performance Centres (JRPCs) run on an annual basis in line with the England Hockey Single System Centralised Calendar.

Within the Midlands, there are two run on an annual basis in line with the England Hockey Single System Centralised Calendar.

The Birmingham Lynx and Nottingham Lynx are managed by the Midlands Junior Regional Performance Group (MJRPG).

The JRPCs run using the following format:

  • At the end of the JAC Match stage, players are recommended by their JACs (usually the old Counties) to attend JRPC assessment.
  • Players attend an initial assessment, and are selected to attend a programme of training at the relevant Centre (determined by proximity of home address to location) - this training stage is referred to as Tier 1.
  • From those players who have attended the Tier 1 stage, squads are selected of players who will play as part of their Centre's Lynx side in a set of competitive matches - these are referred to as the Tier 1 Cluster Competitions.
  • N.B. ALL players who attended Tier 1, regardless of whether they get selected for Tier 2 or not, should NOT attend the JDC stages of the Single System for that year, as they will be automatically recommended for JAC assessment.
  • Within Tier 1, players will then be assessed within this Cluster Competition between the 3 Lynx Centres e.g. Birmingham, Nottingham, and Oxford - which is not managed by the MJRPG - for inclusion within the next stage - Tier 2.
  • For U15 and U17 - the next stage is High Performance Camps (Hi-PACs)
  • For U16 and U18 - the next stage is Futures Cup; those selected for Tier 2 at these age groups, will then be invited for final Preparation/Selection days prior to the Futures Cup