Ashby Hockey Club - Mixed Summer League

ASHBY MIXED SUMMER LEAGUE RULES 2019                                                 


1) Matches to be played in accordance with the current rules of the game as published by the Hockey Rules Board.

2) The duration of the game shall be two periods of 25 minutes each. Please start games promptly and ensure that they are completed within your one-hour slot.

3) Each team must provide an umpire for their fixtures.

4) The first named team must provide a match ball.

5) The second named team must change kit in the event of a clash.

6) Each team is responsible for having a first aid kit at each fixture.

7) 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw. League position will be determined by points, then goal difference, then goals scored.

8) Each team is responsible for texting the result of the game.

a) If no result is received, no points will be awarded.

9) Cancelling fixtures:

a) If a team pulls out of a fixture it is their responsibility to inform the opposition and the league organiser.

b) If a team pulls out of a fixture, and the league is charged for the pitch, the cancelling team will be liable for the full cost of the pitch.  This is to refund the cost of the pitch to the opposition (if they didn’t play – they don’t have to pay).

c) If a team concedes a game that will result in a 3-0 loss.

10) Any dispute should be referred to the league organisers to adjudicate. Their decision is final.

Important information

To play in the Ashby Mixed Summer League all clubs have to be affiliated to the MRHA and England Hockey which includes all players in a team must be registered to an affiliated club.  In addition all teams must have adequate insurance cover.

MRHA Rules

Rule states” without the prior permission of the Councils of the MRHA and EH, no affiliated club shall play a club not affiliated, unless the opposition is.”

The exception to rule that the opposition is an invitation team raised for a specific event would appear to apply to a team raised only for a single tournament. The exception to rule is unlikely to apply to a team raised to play in a Summer League as a league is a series of games not a specific event or a team raised to play in series of tournaments as series of tournaments is not a specific event.

 Contact Details

Treasurer: Graeme Hoad 



Will be available on the website


Ivanhoe College, North Street, Ashby de la Zouch, Leics LE65 1HU.

Teams and Colours

Ashby Allstars - black / red socks
Ashby OAPs - black / red socks
Acadamy - to be confirmed
Adders - red / red
Carillion  - yellow
Hermitage - blue / blue
Rangers - white